A solution for visualization need

WingArc helps people visualize data and documents.

Past Events

AWS Summit Manila

20th April, 2017
Manila Marriott Hotel Grand Ballroom

SMART FACTORY Seminar in Penang

18th April 2017
Equatorial Hotel

Business Intelligence

Dr.Sum EA

Dr.Sum EA is a business intelligence tool. The software easily integrates data accumulated from various types of systems and builds an information platform that aggregates and analyzes in one.

Our Customers
  • SUBWAY JAPAN, INC. (Sandwich)
  • Novo Nordisk Pharma Ltd. (Pharmaceutical)
    (Machine, Electrical Equipment)


MotionBoard is an information utilization dashboard that enables, through abundant chart expressions, the visualization of enormous amounts of data accumulated in in-house systems.

Our Customers
  • DENSO CORPORATION (Manufacturing)
  • Yamaha Corporation (Manufacturing)

Printing Solution


SVF is enterprise software for managing the hard copy output of various business reports and slips, including receipts and invoices, required in various business operations. This timesaving software enables customers to design their own business reports at low cost, without programming.

Our Customers
  • YAKULT HONSHA (Food & Kindred Products)
  • AISIN AW CO., LTD. (Manufacturing)
  • SHIMIZU CORPORATION (Construction)

Our Partners

PT. Sazanka Henig Solusi

PT SHS was established in April 2016 in Indonesia. The sole mission is to provide Simple, Integrated, and Intuitive information systems for End Users.How do we collect and transform information into Valuable Asset ?We are here to work together with our Clients to win through this challenging Information Age!

Marubeni Software & Technology Co., Ltd.

Marubeni Software and Technology (Thailand) has provided, as a member of Marubeni Group, a wide range of IT solutions including system building, introduction support and operational services to customers mainly in Thailand and other locations in the ASEAN region since its establishment in October 1989.


Fountainhead Technologies, Inc. is a Filipino-owned Information Technology company that provides management consulting, technology, and outsourcing services to small, medium, and large companies across a wide range of industries within the Philippines and overseas.


Takashige Noguchi

Managing Director, WingArc Singapore Pte. Ltd.


WingArc Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Location: 20 Collyer Quay #23-01, Singapore 049319
Phone: +65-6653-8391

About Us

WingArc1st supports companies in their efforts to make effective use of their information.
We utilize software and services to provide companies with environments that enable them to use information efficiently. We provide products and services that exceed customers’ expectations. That is what we always aim for. We always approach business from the customers’ perspective, listen to what they have to say to us, and provide solutions for issues being dealt with on the front lines.

 Company Profile

  Corporate Name: WingArc1st Inc.
  Location of Headquarters: Shibuya Infoss Tower, 20-1 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0031, Japan
  Founded: March 2004
  Products & Services:
   Development and sales of tools and middleware goods, providing introduction and maintenance support
  Overview of Results (Fiscal 2015):
   Consolidated net sales ¥14.283billion (of which non-consolidated net sales were ¥12.058 billion)
   Consolidated operating income ¥3.814 billion (Operating margin 26.7%)
   Consolidated EBITDA ¥5.628 billion
  2014.3, Established a Singapore subsidiary, WingArc Singapore Pte. Ltd.

 WingArc Singapore Pte. Ltd. Profile

  Location: 20 Collyer Quay #23-01, Singapore 049319
  Phone: +65-6653-8391

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